Injection Packages

Injection  Packages

KSTC package is included:

  • OH2, OH3 or OH5 KSTC made as the main pre-pressure pump with Head up to 100m
  • High speed -High Lift pump, type OH6 in order to make pressure and inject to the well and Head up to 1000m
  • Main pump gearbox lubrication system which is included an external oil pump, thermal transmitter and all needed instrumentations designed in accordance with API614 and characteristics of the exploitation site
  • Sealing supporting system in accordance with API682- 4th edition
  • Anti-explosion monitoring and controlling system which is appropriate for the tough environmental conditions in order to monitor the exact condition of equipment


Features and advantages of injection package:

  • High reliability especially in low NPSHA
  • Completely elimination of Cavitation and its destructive effects
  • Independent performability in rough conditions
  • Capability of monitoring and controlling all the fundamental factors including pressure, temperature, flow, vibrations, mechanical seals leakage and etc
  • Smaller size in comparison to the similar equipment in this level
  • Ease of inspection and overhaul because of being single stage and finally production shutdown prevention
  • Sending Data in a secured and protected way to the control room based on Data transmitting protocols


General characteristics of pre-pressure pump

2 to 153m 10 to 720ft Heads To
8 to 74m3/hr 10 to 11,170 bpd Flows To
56 to 74 kw 75 to 100hp Max Power
-130 to 340°C -200 to 650°F Temp Range
152 kg/cm2 2,160 psi Max Case Working Pressure
1,000psi (71kg/cm²) Max Suction Pressure
137 m 450 ft Differential Head
55 KW 75 hp HP Dependent on Diff. Head


General characteristics of main pump

500 to 6,300ft 106 to 1,344m Diff. Head
11000 bpd Up tp 74 m^3/h Flow
400HP 300 kW Max Power
11300 RPM Speed
Spherical Roller Bearing, Journal Bearing Bearings



  • Urea Production
  • Carbamate Recycle
  • Ammonia Injection
  • Transfer Service
  • PTA Slurry
  • Oil Production
  • Water Injection
  • Oily Water