Machining Equipment

Our company has a well-equipped production line in order to produce routine components:

  • 3 axis, 50 Amps digital spark machine
  • A variety of conventional turning machines
  • Different types of CNC milling machines
  • Different types of radial drilling machine
  • Various types of universal CNC grinding machines
  • A variety of 5, 4 and 3 axis CNC milling machines.
Machining Equipment

Melting and casting equipment availability

There are melting and casting devices in order to produce our components and some of this equipment referred below:

  • The aluminum casting equipment in order to produce gearbox casing of our pumps and etc
  • The bronze and bronze alloys casting equipment in order to produce journal bearings, impellers and etc
  • Steel casting equipment in order to produce pump casings, diffusers, seal housings, impellers and etc
  • Cast iron casting equipment in order to produce air compressors shells and some types of diffusers and etc
Melting and casting equipment availability

Quality control and mechanics lab equipment and devices

  • 3D “bridge” coordinate measuring machine (CMM) made by Italy and travel range of 1000*700*700 mm
  • Roughness tester device MAHR-Germany
  • 2D profile projector with resolution of 0.005
  • Micro height device with precision within 0.0001 mm
  • Portable and stationary Durometers
  • Vibration tester devices
  • Noise tester devices
  • Various types of contact infrared and non-contact laser thermometer
  • Dynamic and static balancing machine
  • Reporter with grade of 00
  • Different precision dial indicators
  • Different types of calipers with various measuring ranges
  • Different types of bore gages
  • Various types of G0-NOT GO gages
  • Different types of digital and universal protractors
  • Different range of micrometer with various measuring ranges

In addition to mentioned equipment, our company made a contract to SAMEN metrology & the metallurgy lab in order to receive services for performance and environmental tests in special environment (temperature from 40°C to 180°C and humidity from 0% to 100%) and also coating thickness specification.

Quality control and mechanics lab equipment and devices

Balancing equipment

  • Hard bearing balancing machine with a capacity of 750 kg SCHENK-Germany
  • Soft bearing balancing machine with a capacity of 100 kg DIAMECH-Russia
Balancing equipment

Vibration measuring equipment

Vibration measuring devices which are capable of measuring vibrations in different frequencies and temperatures of equipment.
With the aid of these devices we can periodically analyze the vibrations and represent analytic reports to our customers.

Vibration measuring equipment

Optical alignment equipment

Laser alignment checker device utilizes in order to the importance of electromotor, coupling and gearbox alignment

Optical alignment equipment

Other equipment

  • Different types of presses which are dealing with a pressure range of 100, 150 and 300 tons
  • Cranes with lifting capacity of 10 and 15 tons
  • Induction bearing heater
  • Mechanical seal tester device
  • Lapping machine UCIMU-SP3-600 & SP3-800
  • Multi tester device in order to testing oil pumps, relief valves and oil filters
  • Unit for performing hydrostatic test
  • Unit for performing tests such as FREE RUN, Hydraulic test of heavy duty gearboxes and etc
  • Grinding machine in order to balancing up to 25000 RPM
Other equipment