Organizational structure

KSTC’s departments are fully independent and are supervised by commercial dept. and senior management.
This structure helps the company to enhance its ability to provide reliable and fast solutions for customers’ requirements.
Important departments are as follows:

  1. Research and development
  2. After sales and service centers
  3. Commercial and sales engineering
  4. Pump and compressor engineering and operation department
  5. Manufacture management and manufacturing processes engineering
  6. Quality control
  7. Project management and control
  8. Production
  9. Administration
  10. Finance department
  11. And etc.
Commercial department acts as the customer’s representative inside the company. From the establishment of KSTC, this department has tried to meet the growing demand of our products and equipment in oil and gas industry. Since our products are always in service and vital to refineries and petrochemicals’ production line, our sales engineers offer a 24 hours support to customers so that they can benefit from KSTC’s unique after sales services.
Customer satisfaction at the highest level, and most importantly, price competitiveness has led to obtaining numerous customers across the country.
All parts which are used in Centrifugal API 610 and API 617 OH6 pumps and compressors have been classified in SPIR forms by commercial dept. for technical engineering support, as well as providing spare parts in open order contracts.
KSTC have signed open order contracts with Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Co. (STPC) and South Pars Gas Complex (SPGC) for technical support of their special equipment. All services including providing spare parts and engineering services are exclusively done by KSTC. Similar contracts are being finalized with a number of other end users in oil industry of Iran. Regarding KSTC’s capabilities and potentials, systematic strategies to enter international markets are being planned. Initial steps to reach this aim such as continues presence in Moscow oil and Gas Exhibition (NEFTEGAZ) and Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) has led to signing contracts for sales of spare parts and equipment to Russia and South East Asia, as well as a number of agreements for transferring of technology to the country.
Since manufacture, repair and maintenance of high head, low flow pumps and compressors is very critical, this department was established with the aim of handling final assembly, commissioning and long term maintenance of high head, low flow OH6 products.
The main activities of this unit include identification of ordered equipment, manufacture, repair, balance services for rotary parts, unloaded and loaded tests, installation, commissioning as well as performance and vibration monitoring of OH6 high head, low flow pumps and compressors.
Due to various equipment and technology to design and manufacture of components in oil, gas and petrochemical industries (e.g., gearboxes, especial compressors) that are not in the routine products of our company, the production management unit has established in order to give an appropriate response to the needs of industry.
The working fields of this unit are included: complete manufacture, reconstruction and overhaul of different types of gearboxes like, cooling tower reduction gearboxes, turbine pumps gearboxes, decanters and horizontal and vertical gearboxes.
By the knowledge of functional conditions and characteristics of industrial components, this unit at the first stage started to generate technical knowledge of manufacturing of a parts (partly for the first time in the country), including working on geometry and dimension of parts, checking similar designs, manufacturing processes specification, specifying heat treatment procedures in order to obtain appropriate mechanical properties and finally geometric and dimensional compliance tolerances and roughness specifications.
Because of knowing the functional conditions of components, analyzing the parts failure reasons and the experiences of the engineers of this unit, we have had metallurgical and mechanical improvements in our goods in most of the projects which are accepted from petrochemical industries.
Some of the most important projects that performed or still in our program and must say these projects constructed for the first time by the localized technology are listed below:
  1. Localization of technology and production of instrument air provider compressor complete package.
  2. Localization of technology and production of chiller compressor complete package, manufactured by McQuay Co.
  3. Localization of technology and complete production of 3 gearboxes of cooling tower.
  4. Localization of technology and production of different types of planetary gearboxes for Decanter centrifuge.
KSTC’s QC department benefits from best equipment and instruments with the aim of evaluating, controlling and maintaining the quality of all parts and products during each step of production.
Our technicians try to make sure that products are manufactured according to standards and drawings. We can claim that we have one of the well-equipped quality control units within the country.
This unit is subdivided into two segments:
  1. Geometrical and dimensional tolerances control
  2. Laboratory quality control
The following are some of the special equipment in our quality control dept:
  1. Italian made 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) with precision within 0.0001mm
  2. Japanese made 2D Micro Height with precision within 0.0001mm
  3. German made high accuracy roughness measuring device
  4. Noise, vibration and hardness tester devices
  5. General measuring devices, including: calipers, micrometers and etc.
In addition, Since KSTC is located in Khorasan Science and Tech Park (KSTP), in case of any requirement, the well-equipped laboratory of KSTP is available for us.
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